Austin, Texas

Samsung is aiming to double-down on its Austin, Texas chip making plant: The company announced today that it would invest around $4 billion in the plant to boost the production of mobile processors.

The investment in Samsung Austin Semiconductor will be the single largest injection of foreign funds ever into Texas, according to MarketWatch. Samsung has now spent over $13 billion on the Austin plant since it launched in 1996.

It makes sense for Samsung to pump up its chip production since it needs to keep a steady supply of chips

One hundred car owners got an abrupt wake-up call last year when a disgruntled former dealership employee in Austin, Texas, used an Internet-based vehicle immobilization system to reach out and touch their lives.

Electronic boxes installed by the used-car dealer receive a signal through a pager system. The horn honks, for example, when a payment is due. If payments are delinquent, the ignition is disabled.

Working from his home, moving alphabetically down a list of unsuspecting -- and paid up -- customers, the fired employee remotely set off car horns and disabled engines.

Sony announced on Oct. 3 that it is getting into the Smart Grid market, joining an international consortium of companies participating in the Austin, Texas, smart grid demonstration project next March. According to an article by environmental blog EcoSeed's Oliver Bayani, the company will use the project to test new energy measurement and monitoring devices, one of which measures power consumption using a single power distribution board, as opposed to separate devices on individual appliances. The Tokyo megafirm also plans to encourage home energy management using set-top boxes in each home that connect to an internet portal through their

GameStop is serious about rolling out its own cloud gaming service. The company purchased Spawn Labs earlier this year to lay the groundwork for this initiative. According to, GameStop is testing streaming PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 games in a closed environment in Austin, Texas.

GameStop is expected to expand its game streaming beta service across the United States before 2011 is over. A formal launch is planned to happen by the middle of 2012. Before the launch, GameStop will detail prices and other important details about its cloud gaming service.

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