Apple CEO Tim Cook has been busy touring the world ahead of the launch of the Apple Watch. He has already traveled to Germany, Belgium, Israel, and London. On Monday, Cook was seen at the European Commission in Belgium, where he was photographed with the vice-president of the EC who oversees the digital single market. In Germany, Cook met with the BILD newspaper, as well as the Seele glass manufacturing facility which is working on projects for the Apple campus at Cupertino.

Internet search giant Google Inc. recently announced that its Chromecast will now be available in six more countries taking the tally to 18. These include Australia, Belgium, Japan, Korea,...

Need a custom architectural or medical model in short order? How about a 3D map or, um... a handgun? Soon, Staples could be the place for all of the above -- OK, maybe not the gun -- through a new in-store 3D printing service just announced this week.

The office supply chain's apparent partner in the venture, MCOR Technologies, makes a commercial-class color 3D printer called the Iris that will be deployed first to Staples locations in the Netherlands and Belgium in early 2013. MCOR announced the printing service, dubbed Staples Easy 3D

Control4 this week announced that it will offer dealer training in more than 60 cities worldwide this year, in a tour lasting from March through August.

Crestron Electronics announced last week that it has opened Crestron International's new headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, the same city where it was founded in 1992.

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