Bellevue, Wash.

Custom Plus Distributing and Oliver Marketing announced Monday that it will host its fourth annual home line show, the New Technology Tour, next month.

The AVC Group, which includes the Elan, Niles, Xantech, Sunfire and ATON brands, said this week that it is consolidating its independent sales rep network from 45 firms to around 15.

Kaleidescape's New M700 Disc Vault was designed from the ground up to simplify and accelerate the process of adding movies and music to a Kaleidescape System.

One online credit-card purchasing technology company purchased another Tuesday, when Cybersource Corp. announced that it was purchasing competitor for $565 million, the Boston Globe reported. The services of the two companies are “complementary,” Cybersource’s chief executive said, because Cybersource mostly serves larger businesses, while Authorize is more focused on small and medium-sized clients., formerly known as Lightbridge, will close its Massachusetts office but maintain headquarters in Bellevue, Wash. and American Fork, Utah. Cybersource is based in Mountain View, Calif., but also has offices in Britain and Japan.

Car Toys' rise and expansion into a western retail juggernaut By David Dritsas Dan Brettler, Chairman & CEO of Car Toys, Inc, is sitting on top of one of the most successful regional retail chains in recent history. Car Toys stretches to 54 stores as far north as Washington state and as far south as Texas—a business built solely on mobile electronics, without the backing of traditional home audio/video products. But Brettler is no car audio enthusiast-turned-retailer. This man's hobby is his business. Brettler began his career selling hi-fi part-time in high school and also in college. In 1981 he moved to Seattle, getting

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