Seattle's Definitive Audio this week will mark 35 years since its opening in 1975. The company will host a special sales event at its Seattle and Bellevue showrooms Nov. 20 and 21.

Success in audio By David Dritsas It would be really easy to attribute Definitive Audio's success to location. The myth of Seattle, Wash., is tied so irrevocably to Microsoft and a belief that the population abounds with high-tech, wealthy intelligentsia, ready and eager to spend money on high-end consumer electronics. But such an assumption wouldn't be a fair assessment for the a dealership whose hard work and perserverance has kept it at the top of its game. The truth about Seattle is that it is just a susceptible to the problems of any major city, and the quest for attaining and retaining customers is

What makes a leader rock? Foremost, it's leadership. When Dealerscope set out to put together this issue, we asked readers and associates to nominate leaders in the consumer electronics industry whose influence and vision extend beyond the brands they promote or the stores they run. We wanted people with foresight, who inspire and motivate their employees—people with the drive to go farther and do better. We wanted executives who are as good for the CE business as the CE business is for them. Each person appearing below is just that kind of individual.The goal was to find some of the best minds

Home theater seating is a hot item, but effective demos make it hotter By Joe Paone You may think that home theater seating is so popular right now that the products sell themselves. And for the most part, say home theater installers and retailers, they do, with one caveat: Have them on display and make sure they are showcased in a suitable environment. Stereotypes, a home theater retailer/installer in Daytona Beach, Florida, started selling home theater seating by Premiere Home Theater Surroundings in 2001, and sales have been brisk. Premiere seats are on display in Stereotypes' nine showrooms, most of which are set up

By David Dritsas When Mark Ormiston came to Definitive Audio in 1982, he joined a business that owned one store with a handful of salespeople. Today, as president of the company, Ormiston oversees two stores and a diverse staff of 64 employees that includes salespeople, architects, designers and software developers. Certainly, a lot has changed in the store's 25 years. Definitive Audio is no stranger to the pros and cons of changing times in the retail business, but it has managed to come out on top as one of the most successful independent audio/video retailers in the Puget Sound area. Today, it represents some

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