Actor Neil Patrick Harris, who has gone from playing Doogie Howser to Hedwig on Broadway- with an eight-year run on How I Met Your Motherin between- signed on as a spokesman for LG Electronics earlier this year. The actor is a pitchman, as well as “artistic advisor and ambassador,” for “The Art of the Pixel,” a campaign and competition by LG

RadioShack on Saturday debuted its new concept store, which includes several features coming soon to other RadioShack locations. The store is located at 2268 Broadway in New York.

In true New York fashion, Samsung rolled out its Galaxy S 4 Thursday night during a packed event at Radio City Music Hall that featured a full orchestra, Broadway style skits, a tap-dancing child and, of course, the new smartphone.

One of the best presentations we've seen in a while came from David F. Cook, Best Buy's director of IT systems strategy, at Aberdeen's recent retail and consumer markets summit, Retail on Broadway, in New York.

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