Burnsville, Minn.

Best Buy may have announced plans to cut back on new big box stores, but the retailer is moving forward with a new store a few miles from its Richfield, Minn. headquarters.

Ultimate Electronics is aiming to move into bigger stores in at least one market, moving into a former Circuit City in Burnsville, Minn., outside Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Some leaders motivate with fear. Their employees hustle to avoid wrath or pink slips. Others motivate with a near-parental love, and their employees will do anything to avoid their displeasure

How to risk it all, several times, and win-win By Janet Pinkerton For Best Buy founder Richard M. Schulze, risk is life—carefully gauged and addressed head-on, always with an eye towards diversifying future options. In the mid 1960s, the head of North America's largest electronics retailer was a sales representative working for his father in the era of 30-day manufacturer contracts, a rep who wanted into retailing. "It was really driven by my own desire to take control of my own destiny," Schulze said. "Early in the game, I discovered that your individual future was not in your own hands when manufacturers had the

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