Cambridge, Mass.

Best Buy and Panasonic tap i2 software to manage inventory By David Dritsas Best Buy and Panasonic are using some new software technology to improve their own internal systems as well as external communications. Panasonic is aiming to speed up its shipment of product to dealers, while reducing inventory and improving in-stock. Best Buy is replacing its core systems to improve its own internal distribution of products. Both companies are using business-to-business software from Cambridge, Mass.-based i2 Technologies. As digital products innovate, the window in which to sell them without discounting grows smaller. That dynamic, combined with a slow economy, means effective

By David Dritsas A company called TRACE Strategies released three reports from its new "Retail User Tracking Index." These reports measure and track the opinions and experience(s) of consumers who have used and tested Color Handheld PC Devices, a personal video recording services and interactive program guides. Last week the Cambridge, Mass.-based company released a taste of some of its findings. For color handheld PC devices TRACE found that, "There is a greater than 50 percent chance that Sony's CLIE, Palm's m505 and Handspring's Visor Prism, will be bought by our consumer sample at the $400-$499 price level. Among all the devices, consumers

By David Dritsas Henry Kloss is a tinkerer. Call the man what you want—a pioneer, legend, inventor or genius—and he's been called it already many times over. The reason why he is where is can be understood by looking at his work bench, or desk, or work area. It's hard to tell what it is really because it's covered with circuit boards, metering devices and anything one might need to dissect an electronic device, to get to the heart of it, and find out what makes it work. Even in retirement, Kloss is still working, not because he is taking a company public,

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