Having dinner at the chef's table is a very exclusive and thrilling experience. Guests are actually invited into the restaurant's kitchen where they watch the chef and his staff meticulously prepare a special menu just for the occasion. Electrolux is opening up this exciting culinary experience to members of the public in some of the best restaurants across Europe.

With over 90 years of providing luxury kitchen appliances to homes and dining establishments worldwide, Electrolux has gained close relationships with many of Europe's Michelin starred restaurants.

Contemporary music and film distribution technology relies heavily on Digital Rights Management schemes to protect both content and revenue generation. It’s probably the central cog in the online universe, which both the Recoding Industries Association of America (RIAA) and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rely on for protection and enforcement. DRM is also central to the consumer electronics devices ecosystem, not only for the protection of music and film but also as a platform for devices such as the iPod and Zune media players. An interesting contrast though is the online universe of user-generated content, in everything from blogs to independent music to

Music Industries HomeMix Kit-2 Complete DJ System. Available now to music instrument and CE retailers, $499.95. This DJ mixing system features dual CD players tied into a two-channel DJ mixer with cross-fader, 3-band EQ per channel, built-in amp (2x25W), separate line output, shoulder strap, two monitor speakers, headphones and microphone. Call (516) 794-1888 or visit Magix PC Music Toolkit. Available now, $49.99 SRP. As part of the Magix Get Started line, the PC music toolkit guides Windows computer users with little to no musical experience through composing, recording and editing music on the computer and then burning it to a CD.

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