Cape Cod

While at his home in Wellesley, Richard Kasper sometimes wonders whether he forgot something at his summer residence on Cape Cod.

Did he turn the thermostat down? Leave too many lights on? Is the garage door open?

Now Kasper can use remote-control "smart home" technologies on his iPhone to check whether he did indeed adjust the thermostat or dim the lights before leaving his Chatham home. With a few more taps on his iPhone, he can then make any necessary adjustments, such as closing the garage door or turning off some lights.

Jon Myer knew that drastic times call for drastic measures. What he didn't know was just how drastic those measures should be.

Savant Systems said Monday that it has completed its move into a pair of new buildings on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The two facilities are located 15 minutes apart. The company’s new headquarters, in Osterville, is 12,500 square feet and located in a former A&P supermarket. The building hosts the company’s executives, as well as its engineers, IT, marketing, and various other employees. The other facility, in Hyannis, is more of a factory, and also houses shipping and handling operations, as well as operations staff. The two offices are connected through a networking system.

The second annual Savant Dealer Conference was held May 2 through 4 in Chatham, Mass. Approximately 70 dealers—60 percent of which were already authorized Savant dealers-- accepted the invitation to come and as company President Jim Carroll expressed, enjoy the beauty, tranquility and technology of Cape Cod, where Savant is based. Carroll explained that this year’s conference was, “geared towards demonstrating the business value of the company’s approach to control, automation, and switching systems. The company’s software tool, Racepoint Blueprint, provides a multi-functional tool set that touches every aspect of the custom integrator’s business. Racepoint Blueprint supports the wide and ever expanding hardware systems

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