Daewoo Electronics has set the goal to double its appliance sales from 2011 to reach $150 million in 2012 in North America.

The company said it is on-track to diversify sales channels by supplying appliances to retailer Wal-Mart, by cooperating with the National Appliances and TV Merchants (NATM), and by penetrating markets in the Caribbean countries.

Daewoo Electronics reported in March 2012 that it signed an agreement with Wal-Mart to supply 250,000 microwave ovens. Daewoo will provide 26-liter microwave ovens to over 1,500 Wal-Mart stores in the United States for a year.

"People are used to spending several hundred dollars to get a portable device," says SCEA boss.

Sony Computer Entertainment America president Jack Tretton has said that the success of a platform is not reliant on price but in the value of its features.

Tretton discussed the value of gaming in an interview with Fast Company. "I think that consumers respond to value. If you're passionate about something you find a way to go out and get it and gamers are very passionate," he said.

These are the times when a Marilyn Monroe impersonator sauntering in front of a hot car can really do some good

Equipped with P4HD technology for IP conversion, 297MHz 14-bit Video D/A Converter with 4X oversampling, and Panasonic’s EZ-Sync system, the DMP-BD10A’s upgraded sound includes 7.1 channel surround, dts-HD High Resolution Audio and Dolby True HD. It also plays conventional DVDs and CDs. Bundle includes five Blu-ray disks: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man’s Chest, Transporter, Fantastic 4, and Crash. Available now for $599.95.

Runco International tested its sea legs in October on-board Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Mariner of the Seas. The event was the Third Annual Home Theater Cruise, for which Runco International has been a platinum sponsor. The technology conference hosted over 350 home theater enthusiasts cruising throughout the Western Caribbean with the opportunity to meet with Runco executives. The cruise also featured video display technologies and home theater product demonstrations.   Runco's Pat Bradley kicked off the week at sea with a panel discussion on "How to Choose a Display," by introducing the latest technologies in video. Sam Runco, founder and CEO of the

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