End Of The In-Dash Sam Kaplan They're not only more efficient--they're better, too. These three gadgets are about to get out of your dreams and into your car. THE TREND Dashboard navigation and entertainment systems are optional on most late-model...

A job listing posted by Microsoft hints at future integration of everything from Xbox Kinect to Windows 8 into vehicles, with a heavy focus on the next generation of in-car user interfaces.

While it's doubtful that Microsoft plans to slap a Kinect controller onto your dashboard, automakers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz are actively working on gesture-based controls for their vehicles. And considering the crew from Redmond already has the technology and a range of automaker partners, it's not surprising that Microsoft wants to be a serious, embedded player in the ultimate mobile

A majority of streaming radio users are listening to the service in their cars, according to a new study released today by KnowDigital.

The study, “Challenges and Opportunities for In-Car Streaming Radio,” found that roughly two-thirds of respondents reported some level of streaming radio usage in their cars. The service was primarily accessed through the use of smartphones, which consumers frequently plugged into their vehicles’ audio jack; some consumers, however, reported listening by simply using their smartphones’ external speaker

ABI Research reports that the number of cars on the road that have installed some type of internet technology will grow from the estimated 45 million by the end of this year, to 210 million cars by 2016, a more-than four-fold increase in just five years. The study credits fully embedded OEM systems such as GM’s Onstar and BMW’s Connected Drive; aftermarket solutions for vehicle tracking

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