Central New Jersey

Rise Expected in Shoplifting For Holidays
Retailers nationwide are expecting a rise in shoplifting this holiday season over past years, due mostly to the weak economy. According to numbers released by security company ADT Security Services, a rise in demand for theft and stores cutting back on security personnel have combined to make a rise from last year's nationwide total of $12 billion in losses likely.

Keep on Truckin'—remember those T-shirts of the '70s? They were great shirts. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, we have to keep on truckin'. My community in Central New Jersey saw its share of tragedy on September 11. Children lost parents. People didn't come home. People are still missing as I write this. The local middle school soccer team canceled its opening game originally scheduled for September 14, but they played the second scheduled game the following week. One young player lost her father in the September 11 attack, but she showed up and played the game, with her mother there in

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