Charleston, S.C.

Slight upticks in consumer spending in the month of April were limited to a very few retailers and were totally replacement driven. These were the major findings of the latest America's Research Group (ARG)/UBS Consumer Mind Reader Survey released today.

No signs of economic recovery anytime this year. That's the opinion of American consumers interviewed this weekend in the second bi-monthly America's Research Group (ARG)/UBS Consumer Mind Reader Survey. The survey found that five in nine consumers (56.6 percent) plan to spend less this year while only 6.1 percent, plans to spend more.

Retail industry researcher Britt Beemer added a dash of optimism to what had been a downbeat Christmas retail forecast after a strong performance by Wal-Mart over the Dec. 13–14 weekend.

Computer Camera Identifies Thieves A pair of electronics thieves who had recently stolen numerous items from a New York area apartment were caught when one of their victims used the camera from one of their laptop computers against them. According to the New York Times, the thieves were foiled by Kait Duplaga, an Apple Store employee who knew all the “bells and whistles” of her MacBook. Duplaga was able to log onto her computer through the “Back to My Mac” feature and activate a camera, and when the camera caught one of the suspects, Duplaga’s roommate recognized him. This led to the arrest,

THIEL Audio announced Monday that its co-founder and president, Kathy Gornik, will soon be presented with an award from the Bastiat Society, a South Carolina-based non-profit organization that advocates free market philosophy in the business world. Gornik, along with Securities and Exchange Commission head Paul Atkins, will be the inaugural recipients of the Bastiat in Business Award. The winners were announced last June, but Gornik and Atkins will receive their awards at a reception in Charleston, S.C., on April 5. Gornik co-founded THIEL in 1977 and has remained with the company ever since. She chaired the Consumer Electronics Association’s board from 2002

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