Cherry HIll

Dealers from around the Eastern region had the chance to view new products and get some how-to training this week at Almo's Mid-Atlantic Expo. The two-day event, held in Cherry Hill, N.J., was the first of four scheduled this summer.

The Empress Joséphine, one of history’s master seductresses, once ordered her decorators to fashion a bedroom in the manner of a luxurious military tent so Napoleon might feel the excitement of his many field campaigns right at home. The ploy got rave reviews from her general (later to be her husband), earning Joséphine love letters full of phrases like, “the memory of last night’s intoxicating pleasures has left no rest to my senses.”

He hadn’t tried marketing at a consumer show for over a decade, but last week, Dave Gilbert, VP of Hi-Fi Sales in Cherry Hill, NJ, packed up staff, equipment, and a big fishbowl of candy bars and headed to the Pennsylvania Convention Center for the Philadelphia Autumn Home Show. It took Gilbert’s team a whole day to set up their exhibit, a lush royal blue tent complete with gold tassels that would house Epson’s Ensemble HD, a $5-7 thousand dollar front projection system. “We call it the opium den,” laughed Gilbert. “I added this red carpet at the entrance.” Though it was

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