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Richard Sharp, who was CEO of Circuit City from 1986 to 2000, has passed away from a rare form of Alzheimers, the AP reported Thursday.

 As more brick-and-mortar retailers close their doors—Circuit City, Blockbuster, Ritz Camera, CompUSA and Dixons, among others—and Amazon becomes more and more powerful, I am constantly asked by our manufacturer customers about how best to navigate an increasingly challenging landscape.

On July 6, 2012, various media outlets finally confirmed what Seeking Alpha readers have known since July 3, 2012 - Best Buy has started to lay off its workforce. As first described, experienced field service technicians are being cut by the company and whatever morale was left "just fell off a cliff." Of course, based on the number of Best Buy employees that have joined LinkedIn over the past three months, the company's formal layoff announcement probably confirmed what many "blue shirts" already knew

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