Clearwater, Fla.

AAMP of America has relocated its global headquarters to a different facility in Clearwater, Fla.

Across the nation and around the world, retailers hear the voices of consumers looking for ways to personalize their portable consumer electronics experience and integrate their lifestyle in ways that just a few years ago we could have never imagined. Unless we are living in a cave somewhere, we are constantly barraged with words like podcast, iTunes, nano, gigs, bits, bytes and hard drives. The portable revolution is here and, as a savvy retailer, you must do everything you can to take advantage of this opportunity. Technology is moving so fast, USA Today found it necessary to print a half-page dictionary for personal technology called

How Tyler and GERS offer different information management tools for the supply chain By Collin Keefe and David Dritsas Maintaining and keeping track of inventory, as well as monitoring turns and gross margin returns on investment are extremely crucial in terms of maintaining control. But how each inventory management company proposes to maintain that control can vary. Tyler's Outsource Option Rick Albert, national accounts manager at Tyler Retail Systems, believes smaller, independent retailers are better positioned to sell product after they have relinquished the technical and financial burdens of maintaining an IT department. Albert contends smaller, independent retailers run the risk of

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