Age: 33 Birthplace: Lancaster, Calif. Education: Undergraduate studies in Boulder, Colo; MBA at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Calif. Career History: Following college, Cutting lived in Spain and when he returned to the States, taught high school Spanish. He then pursued his business “itch” at Cal Poly and began working on entrepreneurial small businesses with other students, becoming part of the Sun Microsystems E-Commerce Incubator Program. While working for Sun, he co-founded Niveus Media in 2002, leaving in 2004 to focus fully on Niveus. Greatest Business Achievements: Developing the fifth generation of Niveus products in just five years. Advice: “Become an expert

I just came back from China. As any seasoned traveler would, I went there armed with a tour book, Chinese phrase guide, good walking shoes.....and a long shopping list. Besides the knock-off designer handbags and Rolex watches, China is known for fine silks, gourmet tea, enameled cloisonné, hand carved jade, and pearls. I planned to bring back beautifully woven pashmina shawls for my nieces, ties for my brother and my nephews, a jade teapot for myself. To make things easier, our itinerary included stops at specialty stores wherever we went. We visited jade, cloisonné and silk factories recommended by the government tourist agency. The stores

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