I hear the refrain all too often: “We close most of the customers who come in, but we don’t get enough store traffic.” Getting footsteps to the door is one of the oldest and most complex management issues retailers have ever faced. Things haven’t changed much since pioneer retailer John Wanamaker allegedly said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; trouble is, I don’t know which half.” But things have certainly changed. Newspaper circulation has been in a steady decline since 1990. Slightly more than half of Americans now read a newspaper during the week

This month in Dealerscope, we take a look at the top 50 consumer electronics retailers in North America. It’s always an interesting list. Like clockwork, the top 15 are the usual suspects—Best Buy, Wal-Mart and other national chains. But it’s the rest of the top 50 that always proves to be an interesting mix and still a fluid playing field, with some companies climbing steadily up the ranks and others making the list for the first time. What I find intriguing about the list is its increasing diversity, not just in the types of stores selling CE, but in the relative sizes of the

Perhaps more than any other state in the union, California represents the American dream—the ultimate destination when the urge arises to reach a new frontier. It has been regarded by many ambitious dreamers as the land of opportunity, a melting pot of cultures, the location of the Gold Rush, Tinseltown and the center of the dot-com boom and bust. The beaches, mountains and cities of California are among the most beloved places in America to live, play and visit. CE retailers face a rapidly changing demographic in the Golden State. The whitebread California of the post-World War II years, as embodied by the likes

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