NetflixCEO Reed Hastings, during an interview at the Future of TV Conference in Denmark, has hinted that the company has been doing tests on 4K video and that delivering Ultra HD video in real-time  over the internet may not take as much bandwidth as you'd think.

Microsoft may be in a bit of tax trouble in Denmark over an acquisition it made more than a decade ago.

Denmark-based news outlet DR is reporting today that officials in that country are investigating whether Microsoft used certain techniques to save itself billions in taxes. According to the report, after Microsoft acquired financial software company Navision in 2002 for $1.3 billion, it sold off its enterprise resource planning and accounting divisions to an Ireland-based Microsoft subsidiary. That subsidiary is apparently owned by other Microsoft companies in Caribbean tax havens

Apple is launching the iPad in new territories this week. Reports have confirmed ten of them, so far: Taiwan, Denmark, Portugal, South Korea, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Hungary and Finland. Taiwan is known to have already started selling the tablet, while Finland has just posted the pricing scheme (courtesy of

American mobile phone customers pay more for service than almost anyone else in the world, although wireless prices in Canada and Spain are also in that top tier.  Go to Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands for the cheapest mobile phone rates, according to the global 2009 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's Communications Outlook, published last week.

Though it is deliciously tempting to embrace a French proverb as luscious as “Il est impossible de trope de luxe” (It is impossible to overdo luxury), a quick survey of real estate marketing these days might persuade you otherwise. The words luxury, luxurious and the hipper “luxe” have become as common as the words “For Sale” on signs, regardless of a condo or loft’s actual attributes. And in what’s increasingly becoming the buyer’s market of 2008, developers are being forced to come up with substantial specs to back up their exuberant claims of luxury living. Enter “technomenities,” pre-wired A/V and smart-home applications

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