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The Board and Executive Director of the Mobile Electronics Specialists of America (MESA), announced their Go-Forward Vendor Partners for 2012-2013. The MESA board of directors made its final decisions at the conclusion of a 3-day session filled with lively, productive meetings while at SEMA. Both current and prospective vendor partners were met with while at the Las Vegas 12-volt show. Each vendor presentation was conducted with the standard MESA level of professionalism, and the board would like to extend its sincere thanks to every meeting participant. "We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome

Unlike some dealers, Mark Ormiston, president of Definitive Audio, doesn’t have trouble pushing audio. It’s in the company’s blood. Seattle’s Definitive Audio started life 35 years ago and still focuses on its core product base. “Audio is 60 percent of our total business,” Ormiston said. Yet even he was astonished when Definitive’s recent audio promotional event, Music Matters III, drew a score of vendors and 533 RSVPs. “Although the odd person may have had trouble finding parking, they all came,” he said. Ormiston has been able to successfully sell higher-end, higher-ticket, higher-margin audio all those years. And with the public’s exploding interest in MP3

Gary Yacoubian, Myer-Emco, Gaithersburg, Md.: “We were profitable, in 2007, and succeeded in places we didn’t expect to, especially with our residential networking initiatives and with custom. Of course, we were hit by declining ASPs in flat panel and the disappearance of rear projection, but we finished out the year stronger than it began. “At CES, we’re not on a search and destroy mission but rather, are looking for any interesting convergence technologies. “I feel that there’s a limit to what the economic and housing downturn can do to us. People will still be getting married, having kids, and needing to

1 1 Dell 37.43 B 36.28 B 3.17 37.43 B 36.28 B 1 N/A 1 Dell Way Round Rock, TX 78682 512-338-4400 Michael Dell Public, EO (MO/Web) 2 2 Best Buy 22.48 B 19.45 B 15.58 29.97 B 26.65 B 858 742 7601 Penn Ave. South Richfield, MN 55423 612-291-1000 Bradbury H. Anderson Public, ATVM (+Web) 3 3 Wal-Mart 23.49 B 21.68 B 1.81 234.87 B 216.77 B 3,689 3,461 702 SW Eighth St. Bentonville, AR 72716 479-273-4000 H. Lee Scott Jr. Public, MM (+Web) 4 4 Circuit City 11.93 B 10.79 B 10.56 11.93 B 10.79 B 653 631 9950 Maryland Dr. Richmond, VA 23233 804-527-4000 Philip J. Schoonover Public, EO (+Web) 5 5 Staples 8.1 B 7.23 B 12.03 15.41 B 13.85 B 1,576 1,491 500 Staples

Retailers talk about what they hope to get out of CES. Dealerscope sat down and spoke to retailers about their plans at CES. Jamie Stephens, President, Pacific Sound and Video, Bismarck, N.D. I always go to CES. My prime focus there is to negotiate with vendors on better programs. My goal this year will be to trim up some of the lines we carry. There’s a lot of overlapping. I will try to be more supportive this year with a more select group of vendors. It’s always nice to go there to get in front of the people who make

Has 2003 been an improvement over 2002? What are the biggest technology trends and how is the market dealing with them? What will people want in 2004? These are just some of the questions we face every time we close the book on one year and open it for another. We took those questions to leaders in the consumer electronics industry and offer you their insights. What was your biggest-selling product category? Frank Sadowski, vice president of consumer electronics merchandising, Digital Cameras. The products continue to improve in technology and offer great value to consumers. Marty Goldberg, president, Lenmar In 2003, Lenmar

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