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Parrot is Riding the Bluetooth Wave it Helped Create Few companies can compare with Parrot when it comes to the pace of innovation. In the last two years, Parrot has introduced 12 new products—one every other month. And this pace is expected to accelerate in 2007, giving retailers a steady supply of exciting, innovative products to ride the Bluetooth wave. Founded in 1994 by its visionary Chairman and CEO, Henri Seydoux, Parrot has rapidly established itself as a leading global player for wireless mobile telephone accessories and continues to introduce new products while expanding its operations worldwide. In the last two

Sharp Slices LCD Prices Sharp slashed prices of its AQUOS LCD TV models. MSRPs of the B2U and C3U Series dropped from $1,199.95 to $999.95 (13-inch), $1,499.95 to $1,199.95 (15-inch) and $2,499.95 to $1,999.95 (20-inch). B1U PC Card Slot models fell from $1,699.95 to $1,399.95 (15-inch) and $2,699.95 to $2,199.95 (20-inch). E1U Series models dropped from $1,199.95 to $899.95 (13-inch), $1,499.95 to $1,099.95 (15-inch), and $2,499.95 to $1,799.95 (20-inch). Prices of Sharp's widescreen LCDs, which just shipped this fall, also dropped, with the 22-inch cut from $3,799.95 to $2,999.95 and the 30-inch from $6,999.95 to $5,999.95. Supporting the price cuts will be a 30-second

It's important to be creative to reach the mobile navigation consumer and close the sale By Janet Pinkerton If a salesperson has only a minute to get a customer engaged in a mobile navigation demonstration, what can he or she do? Jim Yamasaki, Kenwood's navigation product manager, suggests, "Ask what their address is and then punch it in and show them the view of the area where they live. They'll be blown away in 30 seconds when they see how detailed the mapping is—it's pretty cool." Know your product in detail, Yamasaki urges. "When customers are purchasing a $3,500 to $4,000 navigation

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