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Meg Mikula grew up watching her mother spend long workdays by stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers…all on a showroom floor. “My mother spent thirty years in sales,” says Mikula. “She was one of the few women in the business during the late-70’s and she figured out her own niche: going after trade guys for business.” Mikula says in the years before the internet, her mom taught her to study manufacturers’ catalogs so she could talk shop with builders, buyers, architects and interior designers. “She always thought I’d be good in sales,” remembers Mikula. “I went to college for a year and trained horses

JVC's Harry Elias Retires Industry veteran Harry Elias announced that he will be retiring from the consumer electronics industry, relinquishing the position of honorable chairman of JVC Company of America, where he worked for over 31 years. "I have survived and succeeded in a Japanese company for over three decades," said Elias of himself. "I know how to thrive in diversity, continuously solidify relationships with customers and employees and achieve revenue and profit objectives." Elias was born Brooklyn, NY and started his career as a retail salesman for Vim's electronics store, where he work for 10. He then joined JVC, a then-fledgling, relatively unknown company in the

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