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Albert Liniado, president and co-founder of DataVision Computer Video on New York’s Fifth Avenue, and its website,, has announced he is leaving the company to pursue a new venture as CEO of Seldat Direct, based in New Jersey. Seldat Direct will create a wholesale platform for e-commerce, where manufacturers can sell direct to customers on a wholesale level in case packs by approval only.

Apple’s EasyPay service promises Apple Store shoppers a fast way to conduct business at the company’s retail outlets, letting them buy items without even talking to a store employee. It’s fast and convenient—but one New Jersey teenager claims he got more than he bargained for, after he was accused of trying to walk out of the Apple Store on New York’s Fifth Avenue without paying for a pair of headphones.

Datavision, the PC and CE online retailer whose high-profile, single brick-and-mortar store on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan is in the path of an average of 11,000 pedestrians an hour, couched the retail launch of Samsung’s Series 7 NP700G7C-S01US gaming laptop PC in an all-day Gaming Tournament event May 17th.  And on hand beginning at 6 p.m., a primetime foot-traffic hour for the store, was former New York Mets and New York Yankees pitcher and Cy Young Award winner Dwight “Doc” Gooden, to sign autographs and greet customers.

Apple's stores are recognizable at a glance. Whether you're looking at the famous glass cube on New York's Fifth Avenue or marveling at the skylights in London's Covent Garden store, it's always clear that you're looking at an Apple establishment. As the company prepares to open its newest location in New York's Grand Central Terminal, reports are surfacing about how, exactly, it has carved out a place in one of the city's most iconic buildings.

The Apple aesthetic goes beyond some maple tables and some shiny gadgets.

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