How’s this for a lesson in corporate thinking? Toshiba, like many computer manufacturers, is going to enter the tablet market this year, and to that end have created a teaser site for the Android-based device. And the teaser site is written entirely in Flash.

Tentoe connects vendors and dealers online Tom Fristoe, president, CEO and founder of Tentoe, a Pleasanton, Calif.-based software company, says he believes his company has identified the solution to what he says is a major logistical issue facing manufacturers and retailers alike—delivering timely product information through standard distribution channels. "Four years ago, we started with the belief that there was a problem delivering product information to channels," he says. "Often, you'll find retailers and consumers checking manufacturers' Web sites looking for this information." So the company spent the first four years of its existence trying to develop a way to deliver data to the

Warranty/ESP companies tweak high-tech, high-touch solutions to deliver a quality service repair experience. By Janet Pinkerton A consumer with a product repair request is a ticking time bomb. Handle the repair well, and the experience can cement the consumer's brand loyalty to both manufacturer and retailer—not to mention raise the perceived value of a service contract or warranty. Fumble the repair service experience, and the consumer is likely to explode, incinerating brand loyalty and future business for all parties involved.Dealerscope polled OEM warranty and extended service plan (ESP) administrators on common consumer complaints with the service repair experience and asked the companies what

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