Fort Myers

hhgregg's latest geographic expansion will be to Southwestern Florida, as the chain plans to open two new stores, in Fort Myers and Naples.

CWR Electronics said this week that it appeared at the NMEA Convention and Expo earlier this month in Fort Myers, Fla.

By Janet Pinkerton Check your hurricane fatigue at the door: The impact of Monday's Hurricane Wilma is huge, as Florida retailers and their communities remain hamstrung by power outages and gas shortages. Wilma was a Category 3 hurricane that hit an area covering nearly 22,000 square miles, by Florida Power & Light's estimates. So far, the death toll holds at 7. The Florida Insurance Council pegged preliminary damage estimates to range from $6 billion to $10 billion. An estimated 5 million people were initially without power, thanks to Wilma. Florida Power & Light has restored more than 541,000 out of 3.2 million of its customers initially without

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