Most consumers know what to expect when they go store-hopping on a quest for a new appliance—row upon row of large white, chrome and obsidian boxes gleaming like some sort of post-modern Stonehenge under the relentless glow of fluorescent lighting. While this is a time-honored method for displaying large items like dishwashers, stoves and washing machines, it doesn't exactly replicate the products' intended final destination—the consumers' home. In fact, some shoppers are overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing their next major purchase in this kind of environment. However, other consumers are diametric opposites, preferring to see a wide variety of products in one location

Gerhard's Appliances Cooks Up The Living Kitchen, an interactive Designer Appliance Showroom By Natalie Hope McDonald In 1954, Charles Gerhard did it. In 2003, the third and fourth generations of the Gerhard family are still doing it. According to Gerry Gerhard, vice president of Gerhard's Appliances, the 58-year-old retail store started off with a hands-on approach to retailing 50 years ago when his grandfather sponsored a cake-baking contest in conjunction with brand-new 40-inch ranges. "It took place in the same exact room as The Living Kitchen does today," Gerry notes. Only now, The Living Kitchen relies on sophisticated technology whereas the bake-off may have

By Tatyana Sinioukov How would you like to have had your dad for a boss and two of your brothers working with you, side by side, day after day? The three brothers—Bud, Gerry and Richard—who happen to be part-owners of Pennsylvania-based appliance retailer, Gerhard's, say they love it. Bud is the company president, Gerry is vice president and Richard is a treasurer. When asked how old they were when they first got into the business, they seemed puzzled. "As long as you are old enough to push the broom, you're in business," Richard answered for Bud and Gerry. "I must have

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