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Diana Ross wasn’t the only star at Monster Cables’ annual Retail Awards ceremony at this year’s CES. Dozens of the industry’s top retailers also shared the spotlight as Head Monster Noel Lee honored them for exceptional sales of Monster products during these difficult times.

 CE retailers and buying group leaders don’t pull any punches when talking about the scan-down/instant-rebate promotions used to drive high-volume TV sales.

With sales to the low- and mid-end of the market flagging, the Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA) buying group is directing its members to tap deeper into the luxury client market. Combined sales of the group’s 62 members was up only about five percent this year, for combined revenue of about $500 million, said Richard Glikes, the group’s executive director. “I thought we would have had a better year,” he said during the group’s recent Fall Pump Up in Dallas. “Depending on the dealer, we’ve always had 20-40 percent compounded growth, and it seems we’ve hit a wall. We're used to being the

Historically, customers were wary of buying an extended warranty or service agreement with their purchases. The increasing complexity of consumer electronics, however, is driving consumers to think twice before turning these policies down. “People are buying them more,” said Peter Kotsakis, sales manager at Flanner’s Home Entertainment in Brookfield, Wis. “We have a pretty good attachment rate as far as selling warranties with video products.” Customers today are seeking peace of mind and are willing to pay for it. When buying a plasma television, a home theater or a whole-house audio system, the extra cost associated with covering failures or breakdowns seems like an

My first job in the CE industry was as a counter person for a chain of stores, Musicraft, which was on par with United Audio, back in the 1970s. My husband worked there too. Then I got pregnant and had two kids. I would fill in for people over the years, but eventually, when my youngest was 12, I went back to work part-time/full-time, roughly 30 hours a week. Then we decided to open our own business (The Little Guys) in 1994. My parents were pretty big influences in my life. They taught me honesty. They taught me if something is worth doing it’s

Alberto Fabiano, partner, DSI Entertainment Systems, West Hollywood, Calif. Bob Gartland, president, AVAD Buying Group David Wexler, president, The Little Guys, Glenwood, Ill. What is the overall outlook for audio in 2006? What is being done to promote audio better? Bob Gartland: Our audio business is up and distributed audio is growing. There are a few aspects to it. We’ve been selling in-wall speakers with volume control, with keypad control, with speaker selectors for a long time. There’s a reasonable amount of consumers who have owned some version of it, and will want to own it again in their next home or when

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