For consumer electronics and appliance dealers, it has been standard practice to give away a number of services and accessories as part of a big-ticket sale. Everything from haul-aways, deliveries, cords, connectors and even installations have been thrown in to sweeten the deal. The philosophy: if the customers are happy, they’ll come back and, better yet, tell their friends about you. A legitimate argument, and the practice has without a doubt helped to foster that valued customer loyalty. But as product margins continue to grow tighter, dealers are discovering that it’s costing them a lot more than they originally bargained for. Decreasing margins

Perhaps more than any other state in the union, California represents the American dream—the ultimate destination when the urge arises to reach a new frontier. It has been regarded by many ambitious dreamers as the land of opportunity, a melting pot of cultures, the location of the Gold Rush, Tinseltown and the center of the dot-com boom and bust. The beaches, mountains and cities of California are among the most beloved places in America to live, play and visit. CE retailers face a rapidly changing demographic in the Golden State. The whitebread California of the post-World War II years, as embodied by the likes

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