Joe Paone is director of content for CTPG.

Vutec this week announced the hiring of several Manufacturer’s Representative firms for its Home Theater division. 

Almo Professional A/V this week announced the hiring of a pair of new sales managers. Bob McCormick is the new manager for the Western region while Jennifer Fisher will cover the Northwestern territory.

A 35-year-old now in the midst of his 17th year of working for Deranleau's (an appliance and specialty electronics dealer in Lewiston, Idaho), Andy Waldher learned long ago to reign in his own personal techy fascination with all the bells and whistles of the latest products and show people exactly what they say they want.

Electronics distributor DSI Systems announced this week that it has added five states to its territory for distributing Sharp products, expanding it Westward to Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. The move brings the company's Sharp product distributorship into 31 of the 50 U.S. states.

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin conducted a press conference Monday to address the state of the DTV transition six months prior to the cutoff of all analog TV broadcasts (with the exception of Wilmington, NC, which makes the switch in September). Commissioner Martin announced a nationwide initiative to increase DTV awareness. The plan specifically targets 80 markets in which more than 100,000 households or 15-percent of households rely on over-the-air signals. The five FCC commissioners and staff will make personal visits to these markets to raise awareness and assist in consumer education. Martin said that the visits will include public events, workshops or commissioner

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