Industry, Calif.

D&H has announced that it will host a West Coast Technology Show on March 19 at the  Pacific Palms Resort in City of Industry, Calif.

D&H Distributing said Wednesday it will host its West Coast 2014 Technology Show on March 27 in City of Industry, Calif. The event is expected to draw 500 attendees and 60 exhibitors. 

SED International Tuesday announced dates for its Vendor Fair and Buying Event series. The event will take place in Atlanta (May 8), City of Industry, Calif. (May 23) and Dallas (June 7.)

The replication technology provider EZ Dupe announced this week that it is moving its headquarters early next year, to a new building five times the size of the company’s current digs. The move, which is scheduled to take place in February, will put the company in City of Industry, Calif., outside Los Angeles, just over 14 miles from its current spot in Sante Fe Springs. The new building, the company says, will help improve its process in terms of warehousing, manufacturing, and office flow; EZ Dupe also plans to make significant use of “green” materials in the operation of the new building.

When the entertainment industry launched direct-to-store delivery of DVDs more than 10 years ago, the category’s overall success was rooted in the collaboration between the retailer providing point-of-sale information and the studio turning that data into actionable market intelligence and taking control of the process. For the first time in retail management history, the roles of the players in the supply chain had been rearranged. The role of monitoring product on the shelves was passed from the retailers to the suppliers— wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors—who now had to manage their own product and decide when to replenish the retail shelves. The result was significant reduction

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