"Don't go by brand alone" is a Consumer Reports commandment, since we often find vastly different results between models from the same manufacturer. Our latest refrigerator reviews make the point again, with Kenmore this time earning mixed marks. Three of the Sears-exclusive brand's newest models performed well enough to make our recommended list, but a fourth is near the bottom of our Ratings. First the good news: Three French-door bottom-freezers from Kenmore were judged very good overall by our testers. Two models are extremely well-priced, at $1,200 and $1,550, making them CR Best Buys. The third, part of Kenmore's

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) recently announced its 2011 Best of Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honorees. We’ve looked through the winners, and complied a few of our favorites from the CEA’s list—just in time for holiday shopping.

First, there’s the Kenmore Connect system, which allows homeowners to troubleshoot Kenmore washers and dryers over the phone. At the touch of a button, the appliance transmits info to a customer representative who, ideally, can help appliance owners fix their washers and dryers—no service call necessary.

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