The fourth quarter holiday selling season is upon us. What’s in store? Wild ride? A crash? Or just another frenetic three months of selling before everybody heads to Las Vegas for CES? In a Summer 2006 Retail Sales Outlook written for the National Retail Federation (NRF), Rosalind Wells of Wells & Associates reported U.S. retail sales averaged 7.8 percent retail sales growth in the first quarter, followed by an estimated 7.0 percent in the second quarter. Citing a “slow-down in progress,” NRF expects retail sales rates to “moderate for the balance of the year” and track at a 6.0 percent increase for

The American dream could have been adopted from Darrell Issa's life. Founder of Directed Electronics Inc. (DEI), Chairman of the Board of CEA's Executive Committee, President of the Washington, DC-based American Task Force for Lebanon and Chairman of the Lincoln Club of San Diego, a group working to promote the Republican party in California, Issa was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to working class immigrant parents in 1953. After 10 years in the U.S. Army, having obtained the rank of Captain, Issa and his wife, Katharine, invested their entire life savings of $7,000 into Directed Electronics; it became incorporated in 1982. Because he personifies

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