Longmont, Colorado

David Thomas, CEO at Evident, is an accomplished cybersecurity entrepreneur. He has a history of introducing innovative technologies, establishing them in the market, and driving growth – with each early-stage company emerging as the market leader.

Small business consultant John Schallert will be holding a two and a half day “Destination Business BootCamp” from September 15 – 17 in Longmont, Colorado. The goal of the workshop is to educate small business owners on how to compete with larger retailers. As an added incentive, communities that send six or more business owners with a coordinator will receive, for no additional cost, a local workshop and six months of consulting from Schallert, listed as a $10,000 value. Schallert, who previously created marketing strategies for Hallmark, has been working with small businesses since 1983. For more information, visit <a

Building a brand name around accessories By David Dritsas Building a brand name is difficult to achieve in any business. Building it in the accessory market, populated by many companies, large and small, is an even bigger challenge. But it is a challenge that Colorado-based Case Logic has managed well over its 17 years in business, developing reciprocal relationships with retailers and manufacturers and striving to meet the needs of the consumer. "The company was really started with the idea to make a better cassette case," said Pete Storz, president of Case Logic. "The idea started germinating in 1983 and then came to realization

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