In an effort to "create a new model for the manufacturing industry," GE will build its first "micro-factory" in Louisville, Ky., the company announced last week.

Search GE plans to add 480 workers to lines manufacturing a variety of major appliances at its Appliance Park manufacturing campus in Louisville, KY, U.S., including for a manufacturing line in a building that had been sitting idle since the 1980s. GE will be accepting applications for just three days, starting Sept. 28. The new hires will start work in February in facilities producing the GeoSpring water heater, bottom freezer refrigerators, a new line of dishwashers, and a new line of front load washing machines and dryers. GE is "onshoring" production of the GeoSpring water heater, which was previously

Responding to the needs of a growing market segment, GE introduced a new Spanish-language mobile site that allows consumers to browse for appliance information on Internet-capable cell phones. The English-language version of the mobile site launched in November 2010. "The new mobile site will include everything that is on the English mobile site, just translated to Spanish," said Irene Newsom, program manager for GEAppliances.com. "Shoppers will be able to browse products, rebates and promotions, and product specifications, as well as locate stores in their area."

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