A bit of excitement actually creeps into Scott Oglum’s voice when he talks about the falling prices that make most retailers shudder with apprehension and resentment. Lower prices and improved technologies on high-end products open the market up to the masses, bringing solutions that were once targeted to the luxury class to a much broader customer set, explained the founder and CEO of TheaterXtreme, from the new Wilmington, Del., flagship store of the growing front-projection home theater franchise operation. “I’m not a high-end guy. If you’re looking for a home theater solution for about $200 a month over a few years then I’m

Theater Xtreme Entertainment Group, a Newark, Del.-based retailer and installer of home move theaters, reported revenues of about $1.8 million for its last quarter ended March 31, compared to about $1 million during last year’s quarter. The company also said it increased gross profit over last year’s quarter to $637,315 or 45 percent. The company reported that since April 1, 2006, it received more than 1000 system orders, with prices ranging from $3,000 to $15,000, for combined sales of more than $10 million. “We are executing on our growth strategy as planned. Most notably, we are expanding our complete-theater-room product offering while

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