Oh Kmart, it’s not enough that you’re holding a Black Friday sale. You also have to outdo everyone else and hold a Thanksgiving Day sale. Yes, on November 24, 2011, Kmart stores that aren’t in Massachusetts, Maine or Rhode Island will be open from 6am to 9pm with more exclusive deals.

Walmart announced Wednesday that it will add TicketMaster kiosks to its the electronics departments at its stores in 14 states.

SnapAV announced last week that it has named Steve Hayes its new vice president of dealer profitability. Hayes, a former International CEDIA president, comes to the company from SpeakerCraft, where he was executive vice president of sales.

A state law in Texas mandating that computer companies must provide free recycling services has now gone into effect. According to the Houston Chronicle, Texas is the fourth state to pass such a law, following Maine, Maryland and Minnesota. The law mandates that the burden of recycling falls not on retailers or the government, but rather manufacturers. Several computer makers, including Dell, are headquartered in the Lone Star State.

My father worked for DuPont for 30 plus years. I remember the challenges with his job back in that time, when I was teenager in the 70s. In the 60s and 70s, it was acceptable to dispose of your waste in the ground, in the lagoons. I remember my father talking about how he wanted to make small changes at the DuPont plant in Martinsville, Va. From that point forward, I always saw the value of taking care of our resources. My plan was to be a patent lawyer. I worked at NASA for a little over a year part-time while I was

Prior to founding Custom Electronics, I worked for Digital Equipment Corporation in their human resources department. I was an inside consultant dedicated to training. I used to teach a class called “Career Management.” I wasn’t happy there, and I gave myself my own class and came up with an outline of what the ideal career would be for me. And about two weeks later after I did that outline, I picked up the premiere copy of Audio Video Interiors, and I said “Oh, this is it.” My hero in this industry is Chris Stevens. I went to a training that he offered through Audio

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