Manassas, Virginia

Sharp Slices LCD Prices Sharp slashed prices of its AQUOS LCD TV models. MSRPs of the B2U and C3U Series dropped from $1,199.95 to $999.95 (13-inch), $1,499.95 to $1,199.95 (15-inch) and $2,499.95 to $1,999.95 (20-inch). B1U PC Card Slot models fell from $1,699.95 to $1,399.95 (15-inch) and $2,699.95 to $2,199.95 (20-inch). E1U Series models dropped from $1,199.95 to $899.95 (13-inch), $1,499.95 to $1,099.95 (15-inch), and $2,499.95 to $1,799.95 (20-inch). Prices of Sharp's widescreen LCDs, which just shipped this fall, also dropped, with the 22-inch cut from $3,799.95 to $2,999.95 and the 30-inch from $6,999.95 to $5,999.95. Supporting the price cuts will be a 30-second

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