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Extra services on mobile phones are what every manufacturer and service provider would like to see consumers gobbling up. But not all users are wowed by anything beyond the ability to phone home. So what is the profile of those who do? M: Metrics, a research firm that monitors the mobile space, recently released information on where power users and non-power users buy their extra services. They also compared what services were the hits in different countries. Displayed here are extras usage in the U.S. and our neighbors across the pond in the U.K. Retail Channel by Subscribers Who Spent $60 or More Per Month

Audio is a fair-weather friend to retailers these days—it doesn’t always sell as successfully as dealers would like. The root causes for this are found in the attitudes that general consumers have about the category. And the best way to find out what those attitudes are is to ask them directly. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) recently conducted a survey of consumers on their audio buying habits. They asked questions not on just what they buy, but how they shop, where they shop and why, how they research information on products, who they trust and what features they consider important. Some answers are predictable, others

While gaming is considered one of the hottest past times around, it hasn’t quite been the boon to the mobile phone market that pundits thought it might be a few years ago. M:Metrics, a mobile market research firm, tracks consumer usage of mobile devices and in a recent study found that, “as the prices and selection of mobile games climb, consumption has remained consistent, with between five and six million mobile subscribers downloading at least one mobile game per month, over the past year.” Despite the flat demand, it hasn’t been for the lack of carriers trying. M:Metrics reported that the number of mobile games

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