Mesa, Ariz.

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Rockford Corp. this week recognized a pair of outstanding retail partners: Lightning Audio retailer Car Concepts of Salt Lake City, and Renegade retailer Slangin’ Sound and Tint of Mesa, Ariz. 

Just because you play chess like a champion doesn’t mean you’ll slay your opponents on a Scrabble board. The same goes for name brands in electronics. It’s hard enough in this age of price-driven buying to build the foundation of a brand, let alone maintain the overall structure. And once that’s built, transferring that equity to another product type can be even more daunting. Epson America, a strong name in the image capture and output category, seems to be managing this “image transfer” seamlessly into the residential front-projector market arena. The company has sold front projectors in both the commercial and educational markets for

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