Michael Park

Microsoft VP Michael Park draws a diagram showing what he says is the strength of the company's strategy--the fact that the company is playing in so many parts of the market from server software to cloud-based services.

Microsoft is tired of seeing Salesforce.com get all the headlines by dishing out a combination of pithy quotes and branded chocolates to the technology press. Although Redmond has no plans to one-up Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff in the candy distribution business, it is starting to speak out more strongly. "I think Marc and Salesforce have done a good

By Jamie Latshaw LOS ANGELES--Hi-Fi '98 churned out the new, the weird and the wacky in the audio and video world. New product announcements focused mostly around improving CD quality sound, since DVD-audio is far from a reality, and enhancing picture quality for analog TV while offering future HD compatibility. And, of course, there were super high-priced speakers. Many A/V vendors, such as Sharp, Zenith, Pioneer, Runco, AmPro, Faroudja and Vidikron, showed high definition or HD-compatible systems previously seen.. In addition to showing its HD-compatible FD Trinitron Wega TV, Sony debuted two new Videoscope XBR rear-screen projection televisions, shipping this fall, a 53-inch model ($4,999) and a 61-inch

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