Unless you've been browsing through computer shops in Shanghai, Bangalore, or Moscow recently, chances are you've never heard of tablet brands Eben, Micromax, or Texet. They may not come equipped with an eye-popping Retina Display or zippy Intel chip sets, but these tablets are part of a surging consumer electronics segment-supercheap tablets with surprisingly strong regional appeal-that are expected to claim one-quarter of the global tablet market this year.

"Collectively, they're doing significant business in volume terms, driven by price points that in some cases are as low as $80 a tablet

Crestron Electronics announced Friday that it has opened a new sales and training office in Moscow, a move meant to meet demand for products in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Age: 37 Education: B.A., Political Science, 1992, Tulane University Career History: After graduating, he worked in Washington, D.C., and went to Moscow in 1993, “where the tanks passed my window in the October 1993 coup. That was raw, unbridled capitalism, and that’s where the business acumen came from—dealing with these guys.” He joined Richard Gray’s in 2003. Greatest Business Achievements: Richard Gray’s Power Co. turned its first profit in his first three months there. Advice: “There’s so much information we get on our BlackBerrys and so forth, it’s easy to forget what got you where you are. Figure out early what your

NEW YORK CITY—Bringing the Web to consumers through not just computers but also mobile, wireless devices, from cell phones to pagers, seemed to be the common theme at Internet World Fall 2000. The show was overwhelmed with dot-com this and e-that companies showing off their services, software in various stages of development and the wireless communication products. Intel, Microsoft, AOL and Adobe dominated the show floor with their vast, ubiquitous presence. Intel emphasized the importance of being perceived as a leader in e-commerce and letting the world know that the company considers using the Internet a crucial part of its business plan. Intel will continue to

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