Mount Everest

Scott Owens' Monster SPL (Sound Pressure Level) vehicle breaks the 180 dB barrier (also known as 'The Wall') in competition. Can store owners take advantage of this feat to 'Break records on Sunday, Sell woofers and amps on Monday?' By Brett Solomon SPL competitions, or Sound Pressure Level competitions really started to garner attention in the late 1990s when vehicles started to look less like vehicles you would find on the street and more like vehicles you might see welded together on Monster Garage. To the casual observer, a look into the rear of these vehicles allows you to view an installation more suited for a

U.S. Listing for the consumer Electronics trade: The Boundaries Blur By Laura Spinale Throw-away comments often capture changing mores. Annoyed by a reporter who questioned why anyone would attempt to scale Mount Everest, George Leigh Mallory sarcastically replied, "Because it's there." This off-the-cuff remark reflected the naked ambition of the early 20th Century. Trying to decide how to categorize individual Top 50 retailers, a Dealerscope staffer said of Staples, "The company sells through stores. It sells via catalog. It sells on the Web. I don't know whether to call it a multi-region office-supply store, a catalog retailer or a cybershop. It's everything. Everybody's everything." When retail analysts study

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