Published on the company’s official YouTube channel for the Netherlands on Wednesday, Samsung shared three half-minute videos demonstrating their new flagship Galaxy smartphone. The clips each provide practical, real-life examples of a unique feature the S4 has to offer — and man, are they something or what?

Need a custom architectural or medical model in short order? How about a 3D map or, um... a handgun? Soon, Staples could be the place for all of the above -- OK, maybe not the gun -- through a new in-store 3D printing service just announced this week.

The office supply chain's apparent partner in the venture, MCOR Technologies, makes a commercial-class color 3D printer called the Iris that will be deployed first to Staples locations in the Netherlands and Belgium in early 2013. MCOR announced the printing service, dubbed Staples Easy 3D

Sony Corp said on Friday shipments of its PlayStation 3 game consoles were being seized by customs officers in the Netherlands following a court injunction initiated by LG Electronics over a patent dispute. Sony declined to give... Sony declined to give further details, saying it was still looking into the problem. South Korea's LG Electronics said it would not comment on pending legal matters. Britain's Guardian newspaper said earlier this week that tens of thousands of the consoles had been seized in the Netherlands in line with a 10-day import ban ordered by a Dutch court.

American mobile phone customers pay more for service than almost anyone else in the world, although wireless prices in Canada and Spain are also in that top tier.  Go to Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands for the cheapest mobile phone rates, according to the global 2009 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's Communications Outlook, published last week.

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