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Project Loon is Google's attempt to bring Internet access to everyone on the globe via high-flying balloons. Google While it's known that Google has been testing its Project Loon Wi-Fi balloons in...

(CNN) -- If you want to salute, race or flirt with other drivers in Nevada, you could soon be out of luck with some cars. That's because on Monday, Nevada became the first to approve a license for "autonomous vehicles" -- in other words, cars that cruise, twist and turn without the need for a driver -- on its roads. The license goes to Google, the Silicon Valley technology giant known more for its search engine and e-mail service that nonetheless has been known to dive into other big ideas such as space elevators to Internet-enabled glasses. In a

Almo Professional A/V this week announced the hiring of a pair of new sales managers. Bob McCormick is the new manager for the Western region while Jennifer Fisher will cover the Northwestern territory.

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