New Hampshire

The sixth-largest telecommunications company in the U.S. has just announced their roll-out into 47 Sam’s Clubs warehouse retail stores in fourteen states. Announced on Wednesday,  U.S. Cellular is now available in locations in Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, Main, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin; with other locations in Kansas and Oklahoma

During the fall, leaf-peepers throng New Hampshire and Vermont, and now there may be another reason to visit Manchester, N.H. --- to check out a virtually waterless washing machine that makes "aqueous washing" virtually old hat.

Alas, tourists will probably have to content themselves with goggling vistas of glorious foliage. That's because this washing machine --- a wonder of the age in white-appliance circles --- is being used by a commercial laundry service that launders linens for hotels, hospitals, and restaurants.

The washing machine in question was developed by Xeros Ltd.

Walmart announced Wednesday that it will add TicketMaster kiosks to its the electronics departments at its stores in 14 states.

A pair of electronics and home theater businesses in New England have decided to respond to the recession by merging operations. According to the Little Independent, Littleton, Mass.-based New England Home Theater has merged with Ensemble Music Systems and Home Theater of Nashua, located across the border in New Hampshire.

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