New Haven

With the DTV transition- for the time being, anyway- less than a month away, 6.5 million homes in the U.S. are "completely unready" for the loss of analog signals. That represents just under 6 percent of households- less than in recent months, but millions of homes nonetheless.

The number of U.S. households who are ready for the analog signal shutoff in February 2009 has exceeded 90 percent for the first time- but the number of homes unprepared remains in the millions. That’s according to statistics released Wednesday by the Nielsen Co., as cited by the Hollywood Reporter. The study, which is being conducted periodically up until the transition, found that 9.4 percent of households are “completely unprepared,” while an additional 12.6 percent of “partially unprepared.” Those numbers, respectively, stood at 10 and 13.1 percent when the previous numbers were released in February. Households that watch large amounts of TV are

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