New Orleans, La.

Lexmark International has added Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax, InkStop, MicroCenter and Fry's to its distribution footprint. Products going to these retailers include the Professional Series line of printers and all-in-ones (AIOs) for the small office/home office (SOHO) and small and medium business (SMB) markets.

“We gave ourselves a 45 days we had to come up with 30 digital imaging products that we could produce ourselves. And we did it! A lot of these are very popular with our customers: Holiday Cards Bound books Calendars (spiral bound, card stock) Personalized note cards Postcards (for commercial businesses doing direct mail) Business cards ‘Comp Card’ (4 images on front with your vital stats, other side is your headshot) Press Kits Address Labels 2-inch round stickers (put people’s pictures on them and wear them to football games) Envelope sealing stickers. Bookmarks Trading Cards (football,

Sometimes the worst thing that can possibly happen happens...and you’re left with the reality that even so, something has to happen next. Retailers all around New Orleans have spent the last year facing that scenario. Some stayed shuttered, took the insurance money, and moved North. Others engaged in a battle with vicious mold spores and re-opened for business. David Guidry, owner of Lakeside Camera Photoworks is in category two. After watching one of his two New Orleans-area stores be destroyed by Katrina’s category five fallout, he re-imagined his photo specialty business and rebuilt. “Without getting all romantic, when you own buildings and

NEW ORLEANS, LA — The smart home is the subject of a massive exhibit at CTIA Wireless 2005. The concept seems more like something that would have been featured on The Jetsons, but the technology involved provides a glimpse into very real devices for today and possibilities for future wireless living, whether it's cooking based on swiped barcodes or even taking advantage of online video platforms that let home owners tune into their homes via the internet, even while at work. CTIA constructed a 7,000-square-foot model home, complete with technology that emphasizes sophisticated wireless home networking. "This is a truly unprecedented exhibit, one that

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