Newington, Conn.

1972 Current company Chairman Sandy Bloomberg founds New England Audio (NEA), d/b/a Tweeter etc. The first location, a Scandinavian/European concept store, opens on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. 1974 NEA opens the Chestnut Hill store—the first audio specialty store in a mall in the United States—and adds the Yamaha brand. 1975 First Tweeter franchise store opens in Framingham, Mass. 1976 New Hampshire franchise opens. 1977 Rhode Island franchise opens. 1979 The Video etc. consumer video equipment store opens in Dedham, Mass. 1981 Video etc. closes. 1982 Leo Kahn buys interest in NEA. Bill Grant comes in

The Consumer Electronics Industry is always on the cutting edge of technology. We don't have a $399 super capacity washer where only the letter at the end of the model number changes every year. Instead, we always have new and emerging items constantly evolving from this technology. Always trying to "one up" the other, the manufacturers throw "the latest and greatest" things at the retailer who in turn throws them at the consumer. Some stick and some don't. As merchants, the looming threat that the competition will have the new models first forces us to offer them also. As an industry, we continue to lessen our credibility

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