North Africa

(As told to Janet Pinkerton): The electronics industry has been in a recession for over six months. There’s going to be great opportunity in our industry today, but there’s going to be two kinds of businesses this year and next year: the quick and the dead. If you’re not totally involved in your business, I’m recommending you get out quick. They (higher prices) have been hitting, but (U.S.) retailers have refused to accept the price increase so distributors and manufacturers are being squeezed out. The large big boxes are continuing to dig in their heels, saying ‘We do not to

We’ve been talking for years about the huge opportunities for consumer electronics sales emerging in China. The country has an enormous population, a growing middle and upper class and a hunger for the trappings of Western-style affluence. However, there’s another region in the world with as much market potential: the Middle East. Talk about growth—there’s more than $47 billion invested in new housing construction in the United Arab Emirates alone. The Middle East and North Africa are home to a $7 billion consumer electronics business that should experience double-digit growth through 2010. The population, particularly in the UAE, is young, wealthy and technology and

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