North Jersey

The most difficult things for nearly every independent CE retailer are to find, hire, train and retain qualified system installers. In fact, when Chris Mauzy left as head of Best Buy’s business program to start OnCall Installs six months ago, figuring out who was going to perform the installs turned out to be his biggest challenge. “The real world applies and people aren’t going to stay at a job that long,” Mauzy said. However, he was familiar with a company called OnForce, which was running what one might call the eBay of IT professional services. Companies needing someone to perform a job post ads,

Gabriel Karlis, President, JD Audio & Video Design, Fort Lee, NJ New Jersey, as the nation’s wealthiest and densest state (1170 people per square mile!), is often looked at as a bellwether for CE retail trends. Gabriel Karlis, a second-generation custom retailer, has been watching the North Jersey market long enough to guage just how elaborate Americans are willing to get with their home theatre systems, and he’s encouraged. “The sky’s the limit!” says Karlis. “In this area, it’s coming to the point that any home over 2 million dollars is expecting a full home cinema. We used to build two or three a

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